Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zeitoun part 2

>REQUIRED)    Zeitoun has a vivid sense of setting ­ of place, time, and
>mood.  The city of New Orleans is almost a character itself.  Notice this
>quote describing New Orleans before Katrina hits:
>³It was this kind of willful, wildly romantic attention to beauty ­
>crumbling and fading beauty needing constant attention ­ that made this
>city so unlike any other and such an unparalleled sort of environment for
>a builder.² (31) 
>After Hurricane Katrina, many wondered if New Orleans should have even
>been rebuilt, considering the devastation of the storm and New Orlean¹s
>precarious topography.  Why is it so important for Zeitoun to rebuild
>after the storm ­ especially considering the treatment he received in his
>adopted city?
I feel that Zeitoun had a really strong connection with New Orleans in a way 
that a lot of people have with their family. They may not be perfect and also 
may have their hard times, but for the most part they are always there. They 
are there when you need them. You learn to grow from them. You bond with them.
They become a part of you. That is what I feel Zeitoun had with New Orleans, 
and so, being the caring man he is, he did what he could to stay and rebuild.
This city basically took him in and impacted a part of his life, so he did what 
he could to give back.

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